CTAF: 122.9
FSS; 122.6
Lat: N45-16.09
Long: W115-41.01
Class: USFS
Chart: Great Falls
Elevation 5,912 feet
2765' X 75' gravel runway.

Airport Caution - The IAFD cautions: "Threshold markers have been relocated from RWY 29 end. RWY width varies from 65' to 85'. Recommend land RWY 11, depart RWY 29 when wind conditions permit. Takeoff on RWY 11 not recommended. Down drafts are prevalent during summer months. Recommend use early morning and late evening. Not recommended for inexperienced pilots. Close flight plan prior to landing. No winter maintenance. Info: (208) 634-0700.

Here is the link to Rebuild Bog Creek Lodge.

Rebuild Big Creek Lodge

If you'd rather have someone fly you in or if you like instruction contact:
G&S Aviation
Air Charter and Flight Instruction
George and Susan Dorris

Please seek instruction prior to landing.

Shepp Ranch runway

Shepp runway.

Cabin Creek runway

Cabin Creek runway