East - Travel on roads with fairly flat terrain:

Warren Wagon Road along Payette Lake
Ponderosa State Park - roads only, not trails
The Road around Payette Lake - start on east side of Lake
Road through Warren Dredge Ponds (has ford)

Moderate - trails and roads - more hills

Bear Basin
Fish Lake - Big Creek Valley - Behind Little Ski Hill north of McCall
Hard Creek Meadow
Sater Meadow Area
Loon Lake Loop from Chinook Campground (Secesh) - Ford at Campground
Josephine Lake Road (just before the turnoff to Burgdorf)

Difficult - more trails than roads - more and steeper hills

Duck Lake to 20 Mile Trailhead
Jeanette Creek
Loon Lake from Ruby Meadows (trailhead before Burgdorf)
Marshall Meadows to California Lake - War Eagle Lookout - Chimney Rock Road
- you can access this area from Warren Wagon Road by taking Forest Road #325 just before the 1st bridge at Secesh.
China Mountain to Smith Knob Lookout - if you are really tough, you can start at the Winter Inn in Warren, ride over Warren Summit and clear on down to the South Fork

Always be safe and not sorry. Wear a helmet!
Loose gravel, rocks, gopher holes, twigs, sand, mud, moose, elk, deer, horses, llamas and various other assorted things can all distract you or cause your trusty mountain steed to throw you. Help protect the only head you'll ever have and wear that helmet.

List of trails and cautions from the Payette National Forest.