Coming.jpg - 72231 Bytes

The fire came close and closer...

Coming2.jpg - 73554 Bytes

and became louder and louder.

Coming3.jpg - 50201 Bytes

The smoke got thicker...

Coming4.jpg - 58385 Bytes

and more hot sparks were falling on us.

Lescabinflames.jpg - 65767 Bytes

Then the trees were torching around our cabins.

Firefighters.jpg - 47878 Bytes

We did have crews and a lot of neighbors who stayed with some of the cabins.

Water.jpg - 84511 Bytes

They were spraying water north of the fire too.

Sun.jpg - 60062 Bytes

Firsthelicopter.jpg - 31519 Bytes

Then the helicopters started coming in.

Helicopter1.jpg - 92152 Bytes

There was so much smoke it took them a while to find openings that they could get to water through.This picture is actually from Upper Lake on Saturday.

Helicopter2.jpg - 49217 Bytes

We love those helicopter pilots.

Helicopter3.jpg - 62410 Bytes

I hope they know how much we appreciated them.

Helicopter4.jpg - 67918 Bytes

They are our heros.

After.jpg - 72482 Bytes

We couldn't believe any cabins were still standing when the let us go back in.

After2.jpg - 60171 Bytes

But they were all still there and most of the trees too.

After3.jpg - 70969 Bytes

Our friends still have their cabins too.

After5.jpg - 81900 Bytes

It's burning all around and they are working today (Monday) at mopping up and putting out the materials that are still burning.

After6.jpg - 66917 Bytes

This may go on all week as the fire burns to the east and west of us.

After7.jpg - 71497 Bytes

After8.jpg - 85636 Bytes

Trees were smoldering in between the cabins...

After9.jpg - 86091 Bytes

and there were flames on the ridge to the west of us. Our hearts and prayers go out to the Tom Kerr and Mike Wallace who lost their cabins outside of Warren.