Thursday evening's update from Secesh - Retardant drops were made on the ridge behind the Martin cabin on the northwest edge of the subdivision. The helicopters were also our bucketing water. The fire is also active up Grouse Creek heading towards War Eagle (northeast). They are also seeing some activity towards the Chimney Rock Road (east). The area around Ruby Mountain (west) has been increasing in activity too. Smoke is also seen each day in the Loon Lake area south). We had some spotty sprinkles Thursday and early Friday morning. Not enough to dampen the fire. There have been hard closures off and on of Warren Wagon Road because of fire suppression work. Crews are being held over as we go through red flag warnings today and into the weekend. Lightening started several new fires west of McCall yesterday. The fire near Indian Valley is over 2,000 acres already. It is the Greys Creek Fire.

Softfoot.jpg - 56138 Bytes

I was told this is called a soft foot. They have been driving it over the meadow and checking for hot spots.

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Thank Dawne Meckel for both of these pictures. She commented that they were really big and most active near dark. We've been seeing the same thing. They do seem big for some reason this year. Maybe we're just especially happy to see that some parts of our lives are going on regardless of the fires.

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I just wanted you to know that even though the meadow has burned there is still quite a buffer of trees that have survived.

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Two of the buildings are still standing at the old Fernan Dairy. One very dilapidated structure burned.

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This is the view from the second bridge.

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The fire did burn right down to the creek along Long Gulch.

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Where the trees were thinned in Chinook Campground the ground is black but many of the trees look like they will make it.

nonthinned.jpg - 101573 Bytes

Where they weren't thinned nearby, there was total devastation.

Send me your pictures if you have some to share.