Fires burned mostly to the west of Secesh this weekend. Lois came in to drop water near Chinook Campground on Saturday. Crews were removing sprinklers and pumps from the south end Sunday morning. Sunday afternoon we watched the ridge to the west until the Sky Crane came in and started dumping water in the subdivision. The remaining crews have been moved to Burgdorf and they are anticipating opening Warren Wagon Road to Burgdorf Junction on Wednesday.

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Our landscape keeps changing on the way into Secesh. This is the section of road between Burgdorf Junction and the junction with Grouse Creek Road.

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Some of our places are a little worse for the wear, but we are working towards making things ready for the coming winter. It can't snow too soon for us.

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A little after noon on Saturday we all rushed to see what Lois was up to. Fires had become active again down by Chinook Campground. We did have some winds Saturday, but they weren't as bad as were thought they might be.

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Saturday evening saw us with a few columns of smoke mainly to the west of the subdivision.

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We are certainly seeing more squirrels than usual at our cabin. They must be moving in since their old homes are burned out. We will have to make sure we feed them through the winter.

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Sunday morning I had a heart attack moment. Fire trucks started pulling up and people were jumping off and going into the woods. They were just retrieving pumps and hose from our area. We did wonder if this might not be a little early with temperatures in Boise predicted at 100 degrees on Monday.

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We saw a little smoke coming from the Fernan Creek area. We did see some trees torching and flames for a while.

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Our attention soon went a little further to the north as we saw more fire on the ridge off Ruby Mountain to the west of us.

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It grew as we watched.

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It didn't take long until the fires grew even larger with the winds blowing.

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We have always been worried that the fire that would burn through Secesh would come from the direction of Ruby Meadows with all the fuel in between.

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The Sky Crane showed up at about 2:30 Sunday afternnon. We were wondering what it was up to.

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It came in for water to the south of us.

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We were ready to watch it fly to the west but were very suprised to have it circle around to the east and then come into the subdivision just to the north of the Stage Stop. Quite a few loads of water were dropped. No structures were lost. It let us know that it isn't over yet and we wondered again about them removing pumps. September can be very warm during the days.

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Before long were were circled in smoke. The winds died down around 5 PM so we headed out.

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Cemetery Hill seems more appropriately named each time we go by.

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All of the camps have been moved to Burgdorf.

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Some of our neighbors cabin's have survived close encounters.

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The crews will still be coming to Secesh each day for a while longer.

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Our landscape is changing.

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And we say a prayer for our friends near Council as the Gray's Creek fire grows to almost 18,000 acres by Sunday.

Send me your pictures if you have some to share.