Monday was very windy and the helicopters were in and out and in and out again. Another day of hard closures that lasted with people being escorted in and out after 9:30 last night. The fire burned late into the night with standing snags in the 2000 Burgdorf burn torching because of the intense heat. The ridge on the northwest side of the subdivision was very active again behind the Martin cabins but the main activity is up the Goose Creek Road into Flat Creek. The whole north end was blazing with crews calling out for help with pumps that couldn't maintain pressure for the sprinklers and hoses. Crews were manning the pumps and hoses with lights attached to their helmets long after dark. Still no structures lost. The fire was also very active in the Pony creek area and the road was closed for residents in the South Fork. The fire is threatening bridges and culverts and is at Trails End Subdivision and Hayes Station. Today is supposed to be 10 degrees cooler. The fire is getting much closer to Yellow Pine and another mandatory evacuation is in place. Another Red Flag Warning is in place today. We are being told that it may be Thursday before we are allowed in or out of Secesh.

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RR Sue sent this picture from Yellow Pine. Her words describe their situation best. "Good evening; been a long hot windy day, and braced for more and worse tomorrow. Evacuation level 3 today, not sure who left or stayed. Hot today (80 F at PM still), and smokey, windy (squirrelly wind gusting different directions) the power was shut off at 2:20pm because of the thick smoke and fire in the area of the power lines on Johnson Creek. (I'm on the generator to send this) Fires very active today. Fire coming up Johnson Creek's west ridge - and around the point and down the East Fork on the other side of the rivers to the south west, in the Loosum Creek area. Also the fire is on the east side of the Johnson Creek road across from the Yellow Pine campground. A crew got right on that. Everyone is watching for spots, and doing all each of us can do. The Yellow Pine Fire trucks are ready. We watched hot shot crews assembling and there are more on the way for the night shift, and even more on their way in the morning. The fire has spotted into the Quartz creek drainage, and going up the canyon away from homes. Report of a spot fire on the East Fork (Stibnite road) north of the village, and crews are up there. The sprinklers have been running out in the woods all day. Everyone is ready and we are all being careful. The Yellow Pine Fire Department volunteers all turned out and suited up and went to work."

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They were told that they would have to rely on their own fire department for structure protection. Having just come out of Secesh, I feel the weariness in her words. Say a prayer for our friends in Yellow Pine too.

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It was just another day at the lake in McCall with ash constantly dropping out of the sky from the Gray's Creek Fire.

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There was a hard closure on Warren Wagon Road so waited at Secesh Summit and visited with friends. A tree from the 1994 burn fell over in the wind and 3 helicopters came out becuase of the winds.

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We were escorted in by Kris, the Fire Information person. It wasn't looking good.

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It became more ominous as we got closer.

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It was burning on both sides of the Secesh.

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The roads were clogged with fire trucks and crews (thank goodness).

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Then a breath of fresh air once we made it through the gauntlet.

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It was still burning hot to the south of us. Pony Creek and the South Fork area had a bad day too.

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The ridge off Ruby Mountain was burning again today too.

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The helicopters made it in for a little while before the winds became too strong again.

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Mamma deer and the twins were grabbing a bite while they could.

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And the hot spot up Fernan creek just won't go away either. Yesterdays dumps in the subdivision were up Warm Springs Creek on the east side.

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There will be another meeting today at 2 PM. We are getting a new team as the old one gets ready to leave.

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The fires just didn't lay down like they usually do and no one was allowed back in or out until we caravaned after 9:30.

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We knew that the red glow to the north was not the setting sun.

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The fire was burning on both sides of the river when we went over the bridge.

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This was our trip out to Burgdorf Junction.

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It was actually more dramatic than the pictures show.

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Remember, they hold us back until it is safe to go through.

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We were told it may be a couple of days before we will be allowed to travel the road again.

Send me your pictures if you have some to share.