warren.jpg - 70049 Bytes

The view around Warren.

ash.jpg - 99638 Bytes

Ash is 6 inches deep or deeper in some of the burned over spots.

bridge.jpg - 100593 Bytes

Make sure you have permission before you go out on closed roads. Almost everything but Warren Wagon Road is closed. Some of the bridges have burned.

wash.jpg - 100984 Bytes

Rains are going to bring on even more erosion too.

Flag.jpg - 50420 Bytes

The flag still flies in Yellow Pine.

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I know they are having a hard time getting fuel and supplies into town. Yesterday they had ramped up the evacuation orders and closed the road into Yellow Pine again.

Ridge.jpg - 47759 Bytes

This starts a progression of shots along the ridge.

Ridge1.jpg - 43383 Bytes

We see this daily in Secesh too.

Ridge2.jpg - 43186 Bytes

You don't often see the flames unless you are in the middle of them. Most of the time the size and darkness of the smoke tells us what is happening.

Send me your pictures if you have some to share. Becky@secesh.net