We're beginning to feel like this will never end. The report for the last 24 hours shows an additional 10,907 acres burned bringing the East one total to 268,226 acres. The fire is still burning actively in the South Fork Salmon River area and near Yellow Pine. Planning a hunting trip to the area? Road closures are still in effect. They have moved back the closure on Warren Wagon Road to Burgdorf Junction. Even though they will let residents into Secesh and Warren that does not mean we can travel off WWR to hunt or ride our ATV's.

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Cool temperatures keep our area a little quieter this past weekend even though it was very windy at times. The fire burned on both sides of the Secesh River this past week.

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There were still several spots smoldering along the river.

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There was very little left where the fire burned intothe areas burned in the 2000 Burgdorf Burn.

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There is some grass starting to grow in the burned areas. Not enough to keep the elk fed through the winter. Much of their winter range has burned and continues to burn.

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The signs of erosion are already becoming evident even in areas that have received very little rain.

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My view to the river includes many burned trees on my property and the property across the river.

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The leaves on the aspen trees are turning yellow. Fall is here. This is a more typical fall scene this year.

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And it seems that no matter where you look, it's still burning.

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Send me your pictures if you have some to share. Becky@secesh.net