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The fire missed the cabins but burned right up to the southwest edge of the cabins.

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There is a 1200 - 1500' strip of charred trees right behind the cabins. This will give us some protection.

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The trees were still smoldering Monday and hand crews were in doing mop up.

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Some of what burned, burned really hot.

acrosstheriver.jpg - 92394 Bytes

The fire jumped the river behind Les Owsley's cabin but didn't go too far

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It burned right between some cabins.

bigtrees.jpg - 84444 Bytes

Some fairly big trees were victims of the fire.

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I'm not sure what this is for. If you know let me know.

ringaround.jpg - 110486 Bytes

Sometimes the grass burned right around a tree but not the tree.

4 PM Tuesday, August 14 - The fire is flaring up again behind the old Fernan cabins south of the Stage Stop. They have ordered helicopters. We're heading in to try to keep our places watered down. They have a sprinkler at Les Owsley's cabin but didn't run it during Sunday's flare up. Stay safe.