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The fire is coming closer to the east side of us. This is just a little past the Stage Stop looking across the river.

eastcloser.jpg - 80513 Bytes

It just keeps inching closer.

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Occasionally trees flare up.

Crowning.jpg - 58585 Bytes

Trees go off like Roman Candles

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To the west (behind the Stage Stop) the fire is into the Fernan Creek (where the two old log cabins are) drainage.

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The helicopters didn't come in until almost 7 PM on Tuesday even thought the skies were mostly clear and the smoke was mostly to the south of us.

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We're waiting for snow.

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The crews are waiting for the fire to get closer.

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No matter what happens we are ready. It may get to the meadow behind the Stage Stop today.

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The fire is wraping its way around the subdivision. They are expecting it to get to Burgdorf in 7-8 days.

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We're hoping they will fall back on more of the latest technology to put out the fire.

The road is closed at Secesh Summit to all but homeowners. Burgdorf is open but they aren't letting most people in.
I'm glad my license plate says SECESH1.

Send me your pictures if you have some to share.