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A lot of fire fighting involves watching until it is safe to step in.

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We watched drop after drop on Wednesday as the fire edged towards the meadow.

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They were using retardant on Wednesday.

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There was a spot fire they were able to put out in the meadow behind the Stage Stop.

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We're becoming obsessed with helicopters out there.

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The Hot Shots are our patrolling for spot fires.

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Other crews are out mopping up and putting out things that are still smoldering from Sunday.

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When you hear the roar of a jet taking off you know it is time to turn and look at what is flaring up now.

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The fire is northwest of the Stage Stop and headed for Burgdorf.

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If you like the view at Upper Lake, you are going to love ours in 13 years.

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The helicopters come in to refill with water.

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By 9 PM there had been some spot fires on the back side of the river down to Lot 14, Eddins' place just down from Dave Winter.

Night2.jpg - 32191 Bytes

You can see trees torching into the night.

Send me your pictures if you have some to share.