Foaming.jpg - 45230 Bytes

They foamed around the Stage Stop and phone company buildings.

Flaming.jpg - 45391 Bytes

Then a plume of fire laid down from the west and set off at least 6 spot fires in the meadow.

Saving.jpg - 30696 Bytes

They put in a desperate call for air support. 5 structures were in imminent danger.

After.jpg - 47393 Bytes

All of the cabins were saved.

CemetaryHill.jpg - 38485 Bytes

The fire spread down the meadow to Cemetary Hill

Hotshot.jpg - 61563 Bytes

They Hot Shots were right there.

Hotshots.jpg - 70127 Bytes

They pulled them in from where ever they were before this all blew up.

Helicopter.jpg - 49026 Bytes

Columbia Helicopters Chinook N239CH

Helicopter2.jpg - 39891 Bytes

Sky Crane

Helicoper3.jpg - 38387 Bytes

In line getting more water.

Helicopter4.jpg - 39158 Bytes

Carson Helicopters

Helicopter5.jpg - 51083 Bytes

Keeping it from flaring up again in the meadow.

Helicopter6.jpg - 38057 Bytes

If you think you are seeing too many helicopters, we can never get enough of them. You are only seeing pictures of them when the smoke has cleared enough to get a decent shot. Some of the time they come in and we can just barely see them.

Sun.jpg - 56109 Bytes

This was 8 PM with the sun still up.

Willowbasker.jpg - 42476 Bytes

The fire blew up in the Willow Basket Creek drainage to the southwest of us but didn't come into the subdivision last night.

Sundown.jpg - 46005 Bytes

The flames were still raging near Cemetary Hill when the sun went down.

Sundown2.jpg - 39692 Bytes

We had many colors in the sky.

Sundown3.jpg - 46381 Bytes

There was so much smoke all around.

Waitingtogoout.jpg - 51504 Bytes

We had to wait until a little after 9 PM before they would let us go through the burned area. They even held some of the fire crews up.

Backfire.jpg - 62118 Bytes

They backfired above the road on the back side of the river. The fire is now down to the drainage downstream from Dave Winter's place. They have been putting out spot fires in his neighborhood.

Warren.jpg - 54772 Bytes

Most of the cabins are still standing in Warren.

Warrendredgeponds.jpg - 56423 Bytes

The view from the dredge ponds

RoadtoWarren.jpg - 71546 Bytes

This is the road between Secesh and Warren.

RoadtoWarren2.jpg - 68870 Bytes

The road is closed to all but Warren residents. I didn't take these pictures. Thank Lon Owen for the Warren pictures.

Send me your pictures if you have some to share.