Summit.jpg - 64048 Bytes

This was the view from just past Secesh Summit headed in on Friday.

Meckels.jpg - 59362 Bytes

It is burning on the back side of the river to the south end of Secesh River Subdivision.

Helicopter.jpg - 49338 Bytes

The helicopters were dipping water from the Heliponds in the Echo Mine area.

Helicopters.jpg - 52038 Bytes

The Sky Crane and Columbia's Chinook were working the north end of the fire.

Goingin.jpg - 44405 Bytes

The fires kicked up early on Friday so we thought they weren't going to let us in. Our patience and good manners must have paid off. We were escorted in through the fires blazing on Cemetary Hill.

Goingin2.jpg - 50133 Bytes

Things had flared up from what had started on Thursday with the winds.

Goingin3.jpg - 65878 Bytes

There were times when we could barely make out our escorts flashing tail lights.

Goingin4.jpg - 95667 Bytes

The Hot Shots were working to put out spot fires between the cabins.

Meadow.jpg - 48193 Bytes

The meadow behind the Stage Stop is completely burned out.

Behind.jpg - 88141 Bytes

The area at the southwest end of the subdivisions that burned on Sunday was still smoldering.

Behindflaring.jpg - 78293 Bytes

Things were flaring up in there too.

Lois.jpg - 54917 Bytes

Lois came in and made quite a few water drops.

Sprinkling.jpg - 88956 Bytes

The sprinklers were all running when we got there.

SprinklingLes.jpg - 72301 Bytes

We turned ours on too and hosed down some hot spots from Sunday.

Meadow2.jpg - 41309 Bytes

It was pretty smoky at times. The best pictures of the smoke show nothing but smoke.

Meadow3.jpg - 48166 Bytes

Things finally quieted down as the sun was going down.

Convoy.jpg - 28722 Bytes

We were escorted out again Friday night.

CemetaryHill.jpg - 30634 Bytes

There were still fires burning behind the meadow, on the east side and on Cemetary Hill.

Send me your pictures if you have some to share.