Lunchbreak.jpg - 83876 Bytes

We caught part of the crew taking a lunch break on Saturday when we went back in.

Meadow.jpg - 70109 Bytes

All of the meadow has been burnt out but it will grow back even beter next spring.

Meadow2.jpg - 86140 Bytes

The foamed around the phone company building. The fire came even closer to some cabins.

Burning.jpg - 75258 Bytes

Trees are still burning along the roads. You hear crashes as they fall down.

Burning2.jpg - 68199 Bytes

There is a glow from the material burning.

Helicopter.jpg - 42899 Bytes

Most of the heavy activity this weekend was on the north end of the subdivision. We had the blue helicopter in putting out fires on the south end.

Salmon.jpg - 65991 Bytes

You can see the salmon fin only. We did see two salmon behind Tom Glenn's place.

Deer.jpg - 85701 Bytes

The deer are still around too.

Stillburning.jpg - 54745 Bytes

You could see trees continuing to torch west of the meadow.

Stillburning2.jpg - 37110 Bytes

Sometimes the smoke got pretty thick.

Stillburning3.jpg - 78784 Bytes

This tree was right beside the road.

Toomuchinfo.jpg - 66150 Bytes

We had a lighter moment Saturday when the Information Officer backed her tail pipe into one of the porta ponds. Too much information can be a dangerous thing.

Toomuchinfo2.jpg - 70352 Bytes

We really needed something to laugh about. We didn't laugh so much about the pump that was stolen Friday night from Cemetery Hill.

Night.jpg - 20058 Bytes

At night you could see torching trees. There were red glows over some of the ridges around us.

Sundaymeeting.jpg - 86642 Bytes

Sunday meetings have taken on a new meaning in our community. We were all happy to see that Andy had survived the fire storm Saturday. He praised the crew for staying with fires at their backs spraying down his place.

Perfectroad.jpg - 80390 Bytes

This is the drive down to the Perfect place and Don Clark's old place. All cabins have been saved.

Notmuchleft.jpg - 78960 BytesThere's not much left of the Payette National Forest. This sign says it all.

Cemeteryhill.jpg - 83769 Bytes

Cemetery Hill and the people around it had two bad days Friday and Saturday.

Meckel.jpg - 63905 Bytes

The area north of the cemetery was hit by flames Sunday morning when the winds whipped up. It was too windy to bring in the helicopters. They drove up Grouse Creek towards War Eagle to try to get a look at the fire. They had to cut through 3 trees going up and 4 to get back down.

Burnt.jpg - 77929 Bytes

They have saved all the cabins but there are a lot of dead trees.

Burnt2.jpg - 70278 Bytes

The trees have taken the worst of it.

Burnt3.jpg - 79629 Bytes

They are burnt on one side and still fine on the other. Those helicopters can really hit their marks.

Dropsite.jpg - 62136 Bytes

One tent burned in Drop 9 by Meckel's. The crews were mopping up after the rains started on Sunday.

Today it is cloudy and cool with occasional sprinkles. This will continue through tonight with mostly sunny weather and rising temperatures through the rest of the week.

Send me your pictures if you have some to share.