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The Meckel's sent this picture of the flames from this weekend on the north end of the subdivision.

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The Meckel's are also watching the helicopters. I sent a thank you to the crew of N239CH and they sent the following message back - The crew of N239CH says hi & thank you for the cool pictures, we are all glad that we could help you guys…..
N239CH Crew…….

This link will take you to a clip of the flare up that came through the Warm Lake fire camp on the 21st.It will give you an idea of what things have looked like in Secesh.

Warm Lake flare up

One outbuilding was burned on the 19th in Secesh. Thank you for sending pictures. Fortunately it has been fairly quiet for most of this week. They are burning areas around Grouse Creek to reduce fuel loads. The Zena/Loon fire has merged with the Ranins fire. It has been fairly quiet in Warren this week too.

Send me your pictures if you have some to share.