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The drive in on Friday took us through the area that burned last weekend. There are still occasional small fires burning across from Cemetery Hill.

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The meadow flared up again on Sunday but that was quickly put out. There are still fires burning all around except on the east side.

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In the morning, while it's still cool, crews come through with infra red scopes to look for hot spots.

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They are followed by people with axes and shovels.

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It burned to and across the road by Chinook Campground.

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There are still lots of green trees in places along the road up Long Gulch. It burned right down to the creek in places.

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We used to stop at Steamboat Summit all the time while snowmobiling to say our thanks for such beauty.

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There are still active fires between there and Warren.

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In places it is utter devastation as far as you can see.

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We found a beer bottle that had melted in the fire.

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There were fires still burning actively on Saturday all around Warren.

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The sprinklers are still running all over Warren.

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They were keeping an eye on the fire just outside of town.

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Everyone should have a shovel and axe rack on their ATV. Who knows, you might be able to use it as a gun rack during hunting season.

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Heading back towards Secesh it was clear that it's not completely over yet. Winds did kick up on Saturday and Sunday. It was easy to locate the hot spots.

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Closer to home. There are some very burnt out spots on the back (east) side of the river.

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You could see fires building up on the west side (Stage Stop side).

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Trees burned mostly on the east side of the road. The fire occasionally jumped the road and spot fires started sometimes in the middle of grassy areas.

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People were in checking things out.

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Some areas were relatively untouched.

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Some were narrowly missed.

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All of you who asked seem to be OK.

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We're seeing a lot of rock formations we didn't know were there.

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You can now tell what was private property and where the Forest Service boundaries are within the subdivision. It burned right up to the property lines in many places.

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There were a few trees that burned from spot fires closer to the river.

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Looking towards the east, there were no fires sending smoke up in that direction and still many trees standing.

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Can't say the same thing for the west side.

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Lois was back at work Sunday afternoon. There were crews lined up north of the first bridge. Half were facing towards the river and half were facing up Grouse Creek waiting to see which fires got there first.

Send me your pictures if you have some to share. Becky@secesh.net