Kids Hikes in the Payette National Forest

From the Payette National Forest

Warren Wagon Road

Josepine Lake - 1/2 mile (road access is 4WD)
Pearl Lake - 2 miles
Deep Lake - unrefined trail in burned area - 1 mile
Marshall Lake - 1/2 mile
California Lake - access road (#325) is 4WD
Loon Lake trail - nice flat trail along the beautiful Secesh River

Goose Lake Road/Brundage Ski Hill Road

Goose creek Falls - Trailhead 2 miles up from Brundage Mtn. Ski area on left side
Goose Lake - Adjacent to road #273 on left
Brundage Reservoir - Adjacent to Road #281 on left
Granite Lake - drive right to lake - take trail #336
Twin Lakes - 1 mile beyond Goose Lake - 1 mile trail
Grass Mountain Lake - 1 1/2 miles, can continue 1/4 mile to Upper Hazard Lake
Hard Creek Lake - 1/4 mile steep climb - to left of road
Hazard Lake - Right on road, developed campground, lots of brook trout
Big Hazard Lake - 1 mile - flat trail past Hazard Campground
Rainbow Lake - 3 miles on flat trail, formerly a logging road
Scribner Lake - 1/2 mile trail
Kenneth Lake - 1/4 mile trail
Lava Butte Lakes - 2 miles

Elo/Farm to Market/Boulder Road

Boulder Reservoir - Can drive right to it - Boulder Lake 1 mile beyond - trail is relatively steep
Louie Lake - 1 1/2 mile trail from Boulder Reservoir

Lick Creek Road

Summit Lake - Left side of the road on Lick Creek Summit
Duck Lake - Park at Duck/Hum Lake trailhead, 1 mile trail
Browns Pond - 1/2 mile


Lost Valley Reservoir - west of New Meadows - can drive to then take trail around reservoir
Blue Lake - 1 1/2 mile trail - south of Cascade Reservoir on Boise National Forest - has island
Kennally Creek Campground - nice trail along the North Fork of Kennally Creek
Last Chance Campground - nice trail along Goose Creek - three water crossings to Goose Creek Falls

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