Area Lookouts

Staffed lookouts are someone's home for the summer. Ask permission before going up to visit.

War Eagle Lookout

War Eagle Lookout

Originally built in 1931. Replaced in 1961. This lookout is staffed during the summer. Elevation 8,200'. Take Grouse Creek Road out of Secesh.

Carey Dome

Carey Dome Lookout

Built in 1934. Staffed in the summer. Elevation 7,681'. Burgdorf area.

Smith's Knob Lookout

Smith's Knob Lookout.

The first structure here was built in 1929. The current lookout was built in 1958. 8 miles northeast of Warren. Elevation 6,993'. Not usually occupied.

pilotpk309-1919.jpg - 31513 Bytes

Pilot's Pead 1919

pilotpeak1994.jpg - 29436 Bytes

Pilot's Peak 1944

pilotpk309-1954.jpg - 45228 Bytes

Pilot's Peak 1954

The first lookout at this location was built in 1919.

Brundage cabin

Brundage Lookout Cabin - Built 1914.

brundage1970.jpg - 12792 Bytes

Brundage Mtn. Lookout 1970.

brundage.jpg - 19540 Bytes

The current flat roofed lookout was built in 1982 and is staffed every summer. Elevation 7,552'. Outside of McCall.