Where to find them

The best times to hunt mushrooms vary by season. Mushrooms require moisture and above freezing temperatures. Late spring/early summer is when you will usually find the most. They are generally easiest to find in burned or logged areas. Please be careful when hunting mushrooms to eat. I would suggest taking a class or going out with someone who has a lot of experience in the area. Morels and Inky Caps are generally pretty easy to find in our area in the spring. There are some mushrooms out there that are very deadly too. When in doubt, check it out with an expert. Some people have adverse reactions to mushrooms others enjoy. Immature mushrooms may be difficult to identify.

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Morels can generally be found in the area in the spring. They disappear once it dries up. It's easy to walk right by them.

I like them sauted in butter with a little sherry. You can freeze or dry these mushrooms if you get lucky and find a lot and your friends don't talk you out of them.


There are several different varieties of morel in the area.

Inky caps

Inky Caps are also a common mushroom. Older mushrooms will have black "ink" running down their stems. These are the spores they reproduce from. The younger ones are generally better eating.

The best mushroom book? McCall is fortunate to be the home to Hope Miller. She and her late husband Dr. Orson K. Miller Jr. wrote North American Mushrooms - A Field Guide to Edible and Inedible Fungi. If you are not inclined to work your way through the very well put together key, you will love the pictures. Hope is also the author of Hope's Mushroom Cookbook. While I haven't been able to find a copy of the cookbook, you can purchase the Field Guide at McCall Drug or at McCall Drug (208-634-2433) usually has a limited supply, so make sure they have a copy before you set your heart on coming up for the weekend, purchasing the book and going out to hunt mushrooms.

The Southern Idaho Mycological Association website is also a good source of information.

You could even share your mushroom hunting tips.
I have little hope that you will tell me your favorite spots.

You could though!


These are very pretty but they are also very deadly.

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