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The McCall-Donnelly School District serves nearly 1,300 students in five schools. The elementary and high school building is located in McCall, as is the new Payette Lakes Middle School. A new K-5 elementary school is located in the community of Donnelly. The district also has an alternative high school and a pre-school program in McCall.

Secondary schools provide a strong college-preparatory program with a somewhat limited vocational program, which targets computer application in the field. McCall-Donnelly High School's Web Page Authoring Class launched their first web site in February 1998. It can be found and features information about McCall-Donnelly High School, a school calendar, organizations, news, and email addresses. Inside the site is a variety of other information about the school.

Our schools offer a broad range of student activities and programs including varsity and junior varsity football, boys' and girls' cross country, basketball and volleyball, plus a wrestling team. There are also community-sponsored sports programs available to students, such as the McCall ski teams and the soccer teams.

Home schooling is an alternative chosen by some area parents. In addition there are three Christian schools operating in McCall: Highland Christian Academy, the McCall Seventh-day Adventist Christian School, and Living Word Christian Academy.