Welcome to the Secesh Stage Stop

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Warren, Secesh and Burgdorf make up the heart of Idaho's Historic Backcountry, carved by glaciers, settled by miners and enjoyed by all who love the out of doors. You will find so much to do you will have to make numerous trips to the area.

Today's tourists enjoy wildlife watching (elk, deer, moose, wolves, etc.) after driving or snowmobiling in, rock hounding for semi precious (including quartz crystals, corundum, sapphires and garnets) gems as well as panning for gold, fishing, hiking and OHV riding. Stop in for directions to the best spots to try your luck.

Secesh was originally settled by miners from the South during the Civil War. Their gold was sent north to Lewiston and around South America to New Orleans to aid the Southern cause. You will still find old mine sites and cabins throughout the area and up towards War Eagle Lookout. If Forest Service lookouts are your passion be sure to visit Carey Dome, War Eagle, Smith's Knob and Pilot's Peak while you are here.

Horse campers use Chinook Campground as their trailhead for trips into the backcountry. You will also find mountain bikers, hikers and ATVers out on the numerous trails. Wild Chinook Salmon are in the area from June through September. Visit in mid August to see them spawning in the Secesh River. Bull trout and Cutthroat trout also make the Secesh their home.

You will find abundant wildlife throughout the area with foxes, coyotes, pine martens, mountain lions, squirrels and chipmunks in addition to the deer, elk, moose and wolves. Mushroom hunting is popular in some of the recently burned areas. Wildflowers and birds are also abundant in the area. The Secesh Stage Stop is open throughout the year with food and beverages. You'll enjoy watching the wildlife in the meadow from their windows.

Hike, bike or ride into Loon Lake to see the B-23 Dragon Bomber. It crashed January 29, 1943 and the struggle of the surviving crew is only one of the legends of the Secesh area (some of whom are buried in the Secesh Cemetery).

Cross country ski or snowmobile in on groomed trails through the winter. Burgdorf Hot Springs is open year around. The Stage Stop will reopen with new owners in the spring of 2014.

Travel beyond Warren to visit Hayes Station where you can view terraces left behind by the Chinese settlers who raised food for the miners in the 1800's and lived in homes dug into the hillside. Take the other fork in the road to go down to the South Fork of the Salmon River and travel on to Yellow Pine.

Stop by and welcome the new owners, Kevin and Cheri Comstock, to the neighborhood. Cheri brings years of experience in the restaurant business to the area. Kevin is a Coast Guard tug boat captain working the waters off Alaska. I'm sure they both have stories to share and will be a great addition to our back country neighborhood!