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McCall's water and sewer system is owned and operated by the City of McCall. The existing water system draws from Payette Lake and has been upgraded since the city passed a bond issue in 1993 to provide safe drinking water. 208-634-7867. The City of Donnelly handles the sewer and water in that city. 208-325-8859. Most areas outside the city limits are on individual wells. North Lake Sewer District manages the sewer in the area outside of Donnelly. 208-325-8958.

Since natural gas is not available in this area, some residents have opted to use propane gas for heating and/or cooking needs.

There are three companies servicing this area. Each requires an application to be filed either in person or by mail. No deposit is required. There is a set-up fee, which varies according to size of tank, and length of pipe and fittings. Propane tanks are available for purchase or yearly rental.

V1 Propane 208-325-8631
All Seasons Propane Systems 208-382-6807
Amerigas Propane Service 208-634-8181

Idaho Power serves Adams and Valley Counties. The base utility has been reduced to $2.50 from $7.50 per month plus .049 per kW/hr. To have your utility hooked up to an established residence, there is a $15 transfer fee with no deposit required if you are a new customer.

To have your electricity hooked up for new construction, an application must be filed in person. 800-488-6151.

Purchased from GTE in 1994, Citizens Telecom is our local telephone company. You must have your street address established before calling to have your service installed. Installation charge is approximately $33 for residences and $55 for businesses.

The monthly base rate for residences is between $16 and $23. Call 1-800-921-8101 for residential installation or 1-800-921-8102 for business.

Falcon Cable TV provides cable service to the area. 800-264-1572.