Welcome to Warren, Idaho

A Living Ghost Town

Historic Backcountry

You can reach Warren by taking Warren Wagon Road (across from Lardo's) off Highway 55 in McCall, Idaho. The Payette National Forest has a free Auto Tour tape at their Lake Street office in McCall which describes the scenic 45 mile drive, the history of the area and spots in between.

While Warren is frequently listed as a Ghost Town, it has never been without a resident population since James Warren discovered gold on Warren Creek in 1862. It is the 5th oldest town in Idaho and was once the County Seat for Idaho County. The current population is about 12-16 hardy individuals year around and 45-50 people during the summer months; many fewer than its 660 population the summer after gold was discovered and its peak population of approximately 5,000 during the boom times.

Warren hosts a Crab Feed (OK, this time we don't feed the crabs - we eat them!) the first Saturday in March, 3/3/2012.

Warren, Idaho

Most of the property in Warren is privately owned. Everything is prized by someone. Please do not pick up souvenirs without permission. The Antiquities Act prevents you from taking homes treasures from the past.

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