Tamarack Resort is the proposed four-season resort to be based on West Mountain along the west shore of Lake Cascade southwest of the town of Donnelly. The information presented on this web page comes from the Tamarack Resort.

There may be changes to the plan that will not be noted on our web page. This information is presented for general information. You may want to visit the Tamarack Resort at www.Tamarackidaho.com for additional information.

Master Plan

Tamarack Resort


Golf Course

Tamarack Golf Course

There is a lot to love about Tamarack Resort in the long warm-weather season: A signature 18-hole golf course designed by one of the world's leading firms - Robert Trent Jones II. A golf academy, complete with chipping and putting greens, practice holes and a driving range. The course will have multiple tees for varying levels of ability. An alpine lakefront linked to 65 miles of trails for riders, rollers, and walkers. Opportunity for wildlife viewing including an eagle nest on the property. Access to scenic Lake Cascade through public facilities. Spa and health club facilities in hotel. A rarity for a mountain destination - warm temperatures and little snow in September and October to maximize hunting, hiking and other Indian summer activities. Outdoor amphitheater for performing arts.


Nordic Skiing

Nordic Skiing

Nordic Ski Area

The natural qualities of Tamarack Resort are exceptional. There is a striking convergence at Tamarack REsort - sweeping ski mountain, majestic forest, rare wildlife, lush valley with natural wetlands and a lake.
Ski Area

Ski Area Map

Tamarack Resort's east-facing ski slopes - optimal for snow quality and retention - open breathtaking views of Lake Cascade. The mountain has 1,100-plus acres of skiable terrain and a continuous vertical drop of more than 2,700 feet. Ski lifts and lodges will be started in 2004. Completion is scheduled in time for the 2004-05 ski season. 14 lifts are in the eventual plans - featuring a Funitel 33-passenger gondola, which will operate year-round and will comfortably accommodate over 7,000 skiers per hour. A comprehensive network of ski trails delivers extensive and varied terrain at WestRock. Trails will range from expert and advanced (26%) through intermediate (61%) to beginner and novice (13%). There will be 65 miles of trails for skiers, boarders, riders, rollers and walkers. The mountain design reserves special places for snow play, sledding, snowboarding, snowmobile and alpine ski racing. A casual and practice ice-skating arena will complement a competition arena in nearby McCall. Although Tamarack offers exceptional snow conditions during the winter, the resort's snowmaking capabilities - half of the groomed trails will have snowmaking -- will help guarantee Thanksgiving holiday openings in most years and a quality snow product in years of low natural snowfall.




The Tamarack Resort village and homes are designed to bring people together on a comfortable scale, while preserving and enhancing the natural environment. Great views and a sense of contact with nature will be emphasized for all homes. An intimate, pedestrian-oriented central Tamarack Village will be interconnected with resort amenities by walkways and escalators maximizing contact with a naturally inviting wetland and separation from vehicle traffic. Placed on a natural rise, between the golf course and ski mountain, Tamarack Resort will offer one of the country's greatest opportunities for convenience -- 94% of multifamily housing units and 30% of single-family housing units will be ski-in, ski-out. Resort buildings of limited heights with stone base and elegant chalet style woodwork are signature characteristics at Tamarack Resort. An extensive network of natural and paved trails and an efficient shuttle service will minimize vehicular traffic. At full operation, Tamarack will include about 2,000 homes or accommodations, including luxury hotel units, condominiums, single-family dwellings and townhomes. Within Tamarack Village, guests will be able to choose activities in dozens of shops, restaurants, children's center, spa, fitness center and much more. Contact our office if you would like to arrange a tour of the area. Tamarack is currently taking reservations for lots that will be released upon final plat approval ( 1st quarter of 2004). They require a $5,000 refundable deposit with each reservation. Lots in the first release will be $300,000 - $500,000 each.

This area has the warmest July and August temperatures and by far the least rainfall in July-August of all comparable U.S. resort destinations studied, providing optimum guest comfort and golf course playing days. According to National Weather Service data, McCall has higher average monthly snow depths in the prime months of skiing than Vail, Aspen, or Telluride, Colorado; Sun Valley, Idaho and Park City, Utah. This explains the area's reputation for high-quality snow. Winter temperatures in Valley County are optimal for snow retention and quality. The average monthly temperature range in McCall is more constant than any of the comparable mountain resorts. Rarely does the temperature get warm enough to melt snow in winter and affect quality. In the spring and fall, McCall has less snow than Vail, Aspen, Telluride, Park City and Sun Valley, clearing the way for longer warm-weather recreational seasons. This results in a high quality snow pack during prime skiing months and longer warm-weather seasons for summer recreation pursuits.

World-class resorts depend upon a clean environment to attract tourists, so Tamarack intends to create one of the world's most environmentally compatible resorts. Tamarack's design, construction and operations plans have been reviewed by a team of consultants and by county, state and federal government experts to ensure that all environmental concerns are addressed. Water quality in Lake Cascade will be improved rather than degraded by the resort. Full respect for wetlands, creek bank stabilization and minimizing seasonal water diversions will guarantee minimum impact and enhance fisheries habitat. Water needs for the resort will be provided by a deep aquifer of excellent quality providing a net addition to the lake watershed. Wildlife habitat has been given special consideration at Tamarack. The resort will minimize intrusion but provide guest opportunities for viewing and experiencing wildlife. Some of the world's most spectacular birds of prey, including bald eagles, and many other wild creatures can be found at WestRock. Wildlife will be respected to the greatest extent possible. Fences will be avoided and eagle nest trees will receive a wide buffer zone with full protection and monitoring by a Tamarack ranger. Other important species will also receive special protections. A Tamarack Nature Center will be financed by a contribution from each unit sold. It will offer interpretive nature programs for wildlife species found at the resort.

Tamarack Resort enjoys a favorable access. The resort site is about one hundred miles from a major commercial airport, making it "closer in" than most Colorado resorts are from Denver.

Boise's modern facility with convenient transfers is a low-stress destination. The airport, already undergoing major expansion, is currently served with direct flight access to and from 14 U.S. cities. Highway travel to Valley County involves a modest vertical incline of 2,000 feet. About one million people live within three hours drive of Tamarack Resort. McCall airport, 17 miles from Tamarack, is a natural gateway for private planes and air taxis. With a hard-surface runway of 6,100 feet, minor improvements in snow removal and de-icing can turn it into a top tier facility.

Tamarack Resort will be a significant generator of new jobs, a contributor to the economic health of west central Idaho and will be one of the leading contributors to the Idaho public school endowment through its lease of public lands. Tamarack hopes to employ more than 200 people in the summers of 2002 and 2003 in early construction phases. While development of the resort will continue for close to two decades, Tamarack projections are that by 2005 Tamarack will be bringing substantial additional activity to the Valley County.