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Warren, Idaho

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The Baum Shelter

The Baum Shelter (formerly know as the Winter Inn) has a restaurant, full bar, lodging and gas in the beautiful Idaho back country has a new manager. They are open Thursday - Saturday from noon until early evening this fall and plan to be open 6 days a week during the snowmobile season. Crab Feed is on the calendar for Saturday March 1, 2014.

Established in 1985
Family owned and operated.
Our motto is: "Good food and friendly service"
We hope you'll enjoy your visit here.

Here are a few facts about the Warren area: Warren was established in 1862 when gold was discovered.
Warren is the 5th oldest town in Idaho.
Warren's population varies from 9-16 year around and 40-50 in the summer.
Warren has an active underground gold mine called "The Rescue". Warren is also a recreation town with weekend cabins and folks that just want to get away. Warren's Chinese population was around 1300 in the 1870's. They placer mined Warren and farmed down towards Hay Station. Our artifacts in the display case were found within the town site of Warren.
Warren Wagon Road is only open in the summer and is a groomed snowmobile trail in the winter. We receive our mail and freight by ski plane (Please, no snowmobiles on the airport).
The gold dredges came to Warren in the 1930's and stayed until 1941 when non-essential mining was stopped by the war.
Except for a few private cabins, the original buildings of Warren were burned in a fire in 1900. The older buildings you see now were built in 1901 to 1930. The Winter Inn building was built in 1930.
Warren does not have electricity (so check before you put that quarter in the jukebox). We have a generator that we run in the evenings. Telephone lines were installed November of 1995.



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